I’m Alicia, a printmaker and photographer in Cornwall, U.K.

My art practice explores, communicates and celebrates the wonderful world of botany. Through the process of botanical monoprinting I create one of a kind original artworks by printing directly with plants.

Portrait. Photo by Grace Ashley-Stokes.

My practice begins with a foraging walk, immersed out in nature with my snips & flower press at the ready. The plants will press for a few weeks before printmaking begins.

Foraging, Photograph by grace Ashley-stokes.

Back in my print studio, located at Krowji in Redruth, I start curating compositions and choose colours and paper types.

The process involves using inking plates to transfer ink to the plant. Afterwards I can use the plant to imprint into the paper transferring the ink.

Monoprint - mono meaning one, means that each print is totally unique to you. I do not create editions or produce copies of my work. So you’ll be receiving a complete one off, which is pretty special I think.