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Cow Parsley 1, Dark Grey Ghost Monoprint

Cow Parsley 1, Dark Grey Ghost Monoprint

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Carefully crafted by hand, this unique artwork highlights intricate details of the Cow Parsley plant. Bring a touch of nature and elegance into your living space with this one of a kind piece. This dark grey ghost print has been created by printing the leftover ink on the plate once the plant has been removed. 

  • Cow Parsley, Anthriscus sylvestris. 
  • A4 original piece, handprinted.
  • Fabriano Rosaspina paper, 285gsm. 60% cotton. 6x9 inch plate size.
  • Dark Grey with a blue undertone ink. Soy based.

Cow Parsley can be seen growing freely alongside the road and in the hedgerows here in the U.K. It’s white lace like flowers are always a joyous sight for me. 

The technique of botanical monoprinting is a slow process, requiring all plants to be pressed for a few weeks prior to printmaking. Each piece is carefully curated by using individual plants, making your artwork totally unique. The plant is inked up evenly and then put through the etching press with my chosen paper, where it presses the plant into the paper leaving an intricate copy of the delicate details.

This process allows me to slow down, by going on regular foraging walks I can connect with my surroundings. I hope this piece allows you to feel closer to nature and appreciate the smaller details within the world of botany. 

Your print will come with a biodegradable sleeve, backing board and a thoughtful thank you note, all carefully packaged in tissue paper and wrapping paper to ensure its safe arrival.

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