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Dog-Violet 2, Mauve Monoprint

Dog-Violet 2, Mauve Monoprint

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The Dog-Violet 2, Mauve Monoprint features a rich mauve ink that beautifully highlights the intricate details of the flower. Its vibrant colouring adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any interior.

  • Common Dog-Violet, Viola riviniana. 
  • A4 original piece, handprinted.
  • Fabriano Unica, 250gsm. 50% cotton. 5x7 inch plate size.
  • Mauve, soy based ink. 

Common Dog-Violets are purple flowering Violas, with heart shaped leaves and have no scent. It can be spotted in a range habitats from woodlands to hedgerows. Often appearing in April, it’s a later spring flower. 

This monoprinting technique uses plants pressed for weeks to create unique pieces. The plant is inked and pressed onto paper with an etching press for detailed results. 

This process allows me to slow down, by going on regular foraging walks I can connect with my surroundings. I hope this piece allows you to feel closer to nature and appreciate the smaller details within the world of botany.  

Your print will come with a biodegradable sleeve, backing board and a thoughtful thank you note, all carefully packaged in tissue paper and wrapping paper to ensure its safe arrival.


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