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Forget-Me-Not 2, Mauve Ghost Monoprint

Forget-Me-Not 2, Mauve Ghost Monoprint

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This product, Forget-Me-Not 2, Mauve Ghost has a beautiful coloured ink. Its unique technique creates a slight grain effect, typical of ghost prints. This method involves removing the plant after printing, leaving behind a beautiful residual ink design.

  • Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis.
  • A4 original piece, handprinted.
  • Fabriano Unica, 250 gsm. 50% cotton. 5x7  inch plate size.
  • Mauve coloured soy based ink. 

The Forget-Me-Not flower, with its delicate five petals and blue hues, is highly revered among plant enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Its tendency to grow in abundant clusters only adds to its inherent beauty. These charming flowers are characterized by their tiny hairs on the leaves, as showcased in my prints, and their petite size.

This monoprinting technique uses plants pressed for weeks to create unique pieces. The plant is inked and pressed onto paper with an etching press for detailed results. 

This process allows me to slow down, by going on regular foraging walks I can connect with my surroundings. I hope this piece allows you to feel closer to nature and appreciate the smaller details within the world of botany.  

Your print will come with a biodegradable sleeve, backing board and a thoughtful thank you note, all carefully packaged in tissue paper and wrapping paper to ensure its safe arrival.


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